Financial Freedom

It’s Not The Money That Matters It’s How You Use It That Determines It’s True Value”

There is something mystical about the money. It can make us happy and it can make us sad. It can make us share the love and kindness and it can make us cheat, steal and kill.

Why? Why most of the people want to get their hands on as much money as they can. Why they devote all their life to earn as much as possible. At the end, when we die, we are equal and we cannot take all our money and things into „other side“.
Money does not give us the real happiness, money does not give us the real love, and money does not make us a better human being. 

If you take two men, one who has $100 in his bank account and other who has $100 000 000 in his bank account. You take off all their clothes and accessories and let them stand side by side. You will not make a difference between them.

So why the hell we bother? Why we go crazy about the money?
Money gives us the power. Money gives us the opportunity to do whatever we want, to buy whatever we want, to travel wherever we want. For many money equals freedom.

Yes, money is good and it can give us almost everything we desire in life but…..But I have to say one thing. Money will not bring the real freedom you so desperately seek. Money will not bring the happiness you so immensely want. Money will only magnify who you are now. If you are a good and gentle person, you will become more loving and caring. If you are an asshole, you will become even bigger asshole 🙂

So if you are not happy with your current life and hope that there is a better and happier life far in the future, your hopes are and will stay just empty promises. You need to work on yourself first and then the riches and wealth will come. Your external world is a reflection of your inner world. Money will come to those who can appreciate what they already have.  So get your mindset right and miracles will start to happen 🙂
Start following my Spiritual Journey and do what I do to build the right mindset.

Also the level of the amount of money needed to become “free” is different. For some it is just few hundred bucks a month and they are so happy and enjoy the life, for some even $100 000 a month is not enough to be happy.
Happiness is not an achievement but a choice. And with power comes great responsibility, use your power wisely.

At the end everyone has their own reasons to get up every morning and push themselves to achieve their dreams.
What is your true reason to get the financial independence and how much money you think you need to achieve it?

I bet you want to find out my reason too 🙂

Here is my “Why”.

But enough of tittle-tattle. Here you can find the system/programs I use to achieve my financial freedom and also my journey on that road

And if you are really serious about getting the financial freedom, I strongly recommend to work with your mind. Right mindset is the key to everything.