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ADZbuzz – The place where to start your day.

The main focus for ADZbuzz is to bring all different things under one roof so people can find everything in one place.
Are you interested in technology and science or are you interested in sports and healthy lifestyle. Or maybe you are interested in self-development and spirituality or perhaps your interest is business and making money. You can find it all in ADZBuzz.

Main timeline (adzbuzzer) – All news in one place

Here you can find all the latest news which are brought to you via adzbuzzer – Social sharing feature similar to other social media platform sharing features. All news are categorized and you can choose the categories you are most interested in.

Stream – The place to find new and interesting blogs

Stream feed consist all the latest blog posts from the blogs which have installed ADZlink and connected their blog to ADZbuzz. This is the place where you can find some very interesting blogs with the topics you are interested in. The blogs you had no idea they exists and where you can get lot of valuable information.

Communities – The best place to follow your favorite blogs

Every blog that is connected to ADZbuzz has its own community.  By joining those communities you will be up to date with all the latest posts from your favorite blogs. Every time your favorite blog will make a new post, it will be automatically shared in the community. This way you will never miss any post from the community you follow.
In that community you will find other people with the same interest and you may build new relationships with those people. Communities are the best features for those who like to follow blogs and communicate with others who have the same interest.

Social wall – Keep yourself up do date on what your friends are doing

This is exactly the same like in Facebook or other similar social network. In this feed you will see all the latest posts from your friends and from the people you chose to follow.

ADZbuzz platforms

Soon you can do almost everything in ADZbuzz. Compare and buy products. Sell your own products. Build your website from scratch. Purchase or offer services. Support your favorite soccer team and so on and so on. You can find all the products and services here.

ADZbuzz – Your road to financial freedom

The best part for being a member of ADZbuzz is that you are getting paid for it. Yes you are getting paid daily by being a member of ADZbuzz. Only thing you have to do is to log in daily and that’s it. You can do it completely free. You don’t have to spend a penny to earn with ADZbuzz.
The daily earnings are not much but you are getting paid in a ADZcoin. The crypto currency which has a constant demand from the company itself and the only crypto currency which has a decreasing supply. Those coins that you earn today, are worth hundreds and thousands in the coming years.

Here is a screenshot of my earnings after 2 months

Increase your earnings

You have a chance to multiple your earnings many times. And here is how. First, if you join via my link and finish the “Getting started” tour I will rewards you with 25 ADZ. If you start being active, I will double your daily earnings for the first 3 months and will give 100% commission back from everything I receive from your activity for the first full month. You can also participate in my weekly giveaways where I reward people who do some simple tasks, with free ADZcoins. Read more here.

Another way to increase your earnings is to invite your friends to this amazing platform. By having even just few friends who joined via your link, you will increase your daily earnings many, many times. Because daily earnings are paid out like this: 20% from the total daily members pool (pool for all the members who are active in ADZbuzz) is being shared with those who have no referrals (nobody has joined via their link). The rest 80% is being shared with those who have referrals and the amount depends on how many active referrals anyone has. Active = the one who logs in at least once on that specific day. For example my daily earnings are circa 50 times higher with just 10 active referrals.

If you have a spare money, you can even invest in ADZcoin and by doing that you are on your way to becoming a millionaire for sure. No empty promises here 🙂

Activate the DFY (Done for you system) You can use all your ADZ (which you have earned or purchased) to earn even more daily ADZ by activating the DFY. Learn more about it here

ADZbuzz is the future of social media and ADZcoin will be the future of crypto currency. Be part of this amazing opportunity or regret it for all your life. There is nothing to lose as you can start earning with ADZbuzz completely free.

See you inside 🙂

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