ADZcoin – the core currency of ADZbuzz

First things first ๐Ÿ™‚ ADZcoin is tradable in the open market so it is a real crypto and not some โ€žfake cryptoโ€œ which you can only buy and sell inside the company itself. You can buy and sell ADZcoins anytime you want in the open market.

You can see how it is performing here and the block chain is here.

Bitcoin price in one year

There are thousands of crypto currencies out there and the most famous of course is bitcoin which price has exceeded $2000 already. There are few more which have gained tremendous value in few years. Ethereum, Litecoin, Dash etc. You can check the list of all of them here.

In that list ADZcoin is way down. And this is actually a good thing ๐Ÿ™‚ If it would be up there, playing with the big boys, you would have already missed the train. ADZcoin is worth just cents at the moment. That is why it has so huge opportunity for everyone to multiple their earnings thousands of times (like bitcoin when it was worth just cents ๐Ÿ™‚ )

Supply and demand

Before I go and tell what is so special about ADZcoin let me briefly go over what gives crypto currency value. Every crypto currency has a limited supply which is not the case with fiat currency though. Central banks are constantly printing new bills and that decreases the value of the currency.

Supply increases and demand stays the same = decreasing value

The formula with crypto currency

Supply stays the same and demand increases = increasing value.

Let see an example with bitcoin. There are limited amount of bitcoins in the circulation. Every time more people are willing to use the bitcoin, the price would increase. It is very clearly seen in the chart. All those spikes that you see are the times when bitcoin entered to a new market/country. With every new market the price of bitcoin has increased a lot.

Supply and demand is working like a charm. So the value of a coin depends how much demand it gets More demand = higher price. If bitcoin could go from cents to thousands of dollars why it cannot happen with other currency? Plus bitcoin could do it only with its users. Only bitcoin users are giving it a value, nothing else gives bitcoin a value.

To go from cents to dollars and beyond coin just needs to have something special which can increase the demand.


What is so special about ADZcoin?

So what is so special about ADZcoin? Why we think it has a tremendous potential and what gives ADZcoin the demand which can shoot the price over dollars and beyond?

1. Limited supply โ€“ There will be total of 84ย 000ย 000 ADZ available

2. Viral system

1) ADZbuzz โ€“ ADZcoin is a core currency of ADZbuzz, the new content discovery site where every member can earn ADZcoins risk free. This means that in the future there will be more ADZcoin holders than there are coins available. What it will do with the value? Demand and supply, remember
2) Lucrative affiliate program โ€“ ADZbuzz has a very lucrative affiliate program where affiliates can easily build up a completely passive income for life. More members joining ADZbuzz, more members using ADZcoin. Demand and supply ๐Ÿ™‚
Read more about the Affiliate program here (will be ready soon)
3) ADZlink โ€“ Free viral branding tool which helps publishers to gain more traffic and monetize their blog. Bigger the blog, more readers it has which means more people will know about ADZbuzz. Which again will increase the amount of ADZcoin holders. Demand and supply ๐Ÿ™‚
Read more about the ADZlink here (will be ready soon)
4) Easy to purchase โ€“ No need to know how to trade in exchanges. No need to waste time to choose the best exchange with the best price. ADZbuzz team buys the coins for you with the best possible price. Every average Joe can get his hands on ADZcoin. more members = more demand ๐Ÿ™‚

3. Intrinsic value โ€“ ADZcoin is the only crypto currency I know which is tied to a product or service. ADZcoin is tied to an asset that advertisers are paying billions of dollars every day. ADZcoin is tied to an ad-space in all ADZbuzz platforms.
Read more about advertising in ADZbuzz here (will be ready soon)

4. ADZcoins will be stored permanently โ€“ ADZcoins which are stored in ADZbuzz will give an access to an ad-space in whole ADZbuzz network. Advertisers will keep their coins in ADZbuzz to be able to advertise in ADZbuzz forever. NB! Those coins are always yours, you can withdraw them anytime you want

5. Constant demand โ€“ ADZcoin gets the demand from company itself. Every time ADZbuzz network earns a revenue it will buy ADZcoin from the market to reward its members with ADZcoin (regular members, affiliates and publishers). That means ADZbuzz buys ADZcoin from the open market every day. What you think will happen to the price of ADZcoin if ADZbuzz purchases coins every single day? ๐Ÿ™‚
Platforms where ADZbuzz makes its revenue (read more about them in Affiliate section)

  • ADZbuzz Savers
  • ADZbuzz Services Market
  • ADZbuzz Products Market
  • ADZbuzz Training Center
  • ADZbuzz Crowdfunding
  • ADZbuzz Freelancer
  • ADZbuzz Website Marketplace
  • ADZbuzz Hosting & Domains
  • ADZbuzz Theme Market
  • ADZbuzz Script Market
  • ADZbuzz Wallet & Vault
  • ADZbuzz Exchange
  • ADZbuzz Exclusive Deals

6. Decreasing supply โ€“ The joker of ADZcoin ๐Ÿ™‚ ADZcoin is the only crypto currency which has a decreasing supply. Yes, there will be less and less ADZcoins available every day, week and year. This alone makes ADZcoin very unique and extremely valuable asset. This will make sure that the price of ADZcoin will never stop growing. How it works? Every time ADZbuzz makes revenue and buys new ADZcoins from the market 50% of that will be thrown away by sending those coins to unspendable offline wallet.


ADZcoin is the only crypto currency which is being backed up with so many different aspects. Every separate reason mentioned above is already enough to push ADZcoinโ€™s price from cents to dollars. All of them together will make sure that ADZcoin is going over tens of dollars, hundreds of dollars and even over thousands of dollars ๐Ÿ™‚

ADZcoin is the future of crypto currency! Take full advantage of it while the price is still so low. Do not underestimate the power of this dark horse ๐Ÿ™‚

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