Powerhouse Network

Powerhouse Mining, one of my alternative tools beside ADZbuzz to Financial Freedom. Started my journey with it on 18th of July 2017.

The Company

  • Smaller facet of a bigger company called Powerhouse Network LTD and like the name states, it deals with crypto mining. Don't know what crypto or mining is?  Read more about Crypto Currency
  • Owner - Darren Bradbury who is also an online friend of mine from the beginning of 2016. Co owner - Eldon Conceição. Darren has been very helpful and very transparent as long as I have known him. Both owners are hard working guys and Darren is doing live videos and hangouts almost every week to keep all members updated with the latest news.
  • Company has its own mining farm but at the same time uses 3rd party mining companies too (e.g.  Genesis Mining and HashFlare)
  • Minimum investment:    $5.00
  • Minimum withdrawal:   $10.00
  • Referral Commission:  Level 1= 5%*; Level 2 = 3%*

*You are getting commission from every purchase. That includes your referral's repurchase too 🙂


Bitcoin contract

  • Price:                                          $1.40
  • Expiry:                                 Lifetime
  • Daily percentage:                  ~0,3%

Altcoin contract

  • Price:                                            $2.50
  • Expiry:                                15 months
  • Daily percentage:                    ~0,5%

Watch this video interview to get to know the owner and find out more about the company itself.