Monthly Archives: October 2016

How it all started? At one point, I got sick and tired of struggling about money and living from payday to payday. So I started to seek an alternate income. As I had quite a lot free time. I started to dig into interned depths. I saw so many people […]

The Beginning

Written 22.Sep.2016 Why is it so hard to get things done? Why we have to push ourselves to leave the comfort zone? Because it is in our nature to do as less as possible to survive. I had this interesting thought or ahhaa moment today when I saw raindrops flowing […]

Why you are so lazy :)

Written on 17.Sep.2016 Good day beautiful world 🙂 Come out from your head and start seeing the reality as it actually is and not they way your mind wants it to be. Here is one good example what I mean by that. Yesterday one company had some issues with their server. […]

Detach from your dreams

Written 13.Sep,2016 “Without challenge there is no change, without change there is no improvement.” If you want to change (improve) your life, you have to change yourself. If you want to change yourself you have to challenge yourself. There will not be any change if you are not willing to […]

Challenge yourself every day

Written 11.Aug.2016 We all have our fears and it is good to have them. Fear can strive us, fear can motivate us, fear is that keeps us alive. But at the same time, Fear can freeze us, fear can destroy us, fear can make our life a living hell. If […]

Embrace your fears

Written 29 July 2016 You really need to fall to the bottom to truly value the things and to realize that you cannot take anything for granted. I´m finally starting to value and appreciate the struggles I´m in (at least I think I do). They make me work and come […]

Love the struggle

Written on 31.aug. 2016 Like everyone else, I would love to have beautiful house, nice car, support my family and travel where I want. But this is not my real why. This will not make me happy, truly happy. My goal is having enough passive income so I don’t have […]

My real “Why”

Written on 14.May.2016 Do you know what „Being grateful“ really means? Couple of days ago, when I traveled by bus I saw something that made me ponder. At the back there was a group of children with few grownups. There wouldn’t be anything special in that view but all the […]

Being grateful