Monthly Archives: November 2016

Had 295kg plastic granules in Recyclix but instead of going to next cycle and compounding my earnings, I thought it would be wiser to sell them this time. Why? My account in Recyclix is very small (started with 20€ (free) + 20€ (my own)) and it will take many years […]

Transferring my funds a little :)

People so often complain: “Why they changed this or why they changed that, I just got used to new rules and now again I have to adapt” Especially with ADZbuzz changes lately, people are complaining: “Why so many changes just stick to something and let it be.” If the environment […]

Most adaptable will succeed!

Woohoo, got my first payment from Recyclix 😀 I was just checking my account progress when I saw very nice surprise in my account balance. I had over 20€ waiting for a withdrawal. This was indeed very pleasant surprise and made my day 🙂 Why I didn’t know about it? […]

First payment from Recyclix