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Yesterday was the BETA launch and we got our first revenue. I´m so happy that I have installed ADZlink to my blog. The publisher earnings which I got…. well… the video and you will know 😉 Thank you ADZbuzz for this amazing opportunity and thank you all my blog readers. […]

ADZbuzz first revenue distribution

Sorry guys, no video update this week. Too busy with other things. We are finally there. The long, very long wait is finally over 😀 ADZbuzz revenue distribution system went live this morning which means everyone who are qualified for the earnings will get their first revenue today. How awesome is that? 😉 I have to […]

The BETA launch is finally here

Time flies so fast. It seems like I started the journey with Sportarb just couple of days ago but it’s been already 3 weeks 🙂 The journey has been very enjoyable. I haven’t had any issues with my funds, with my account and all the payments have been paid out […]

3 weeks with Sportarb

After almost a year long journey with My Ad Story (MAS) I have finally decided to accept it as a loss. I started my journey in April 2016 and my deposit was $174. I have managed to withdraw $37 from it. My Ad Story is still running and I´m earning […]

Accepted a loss + my journey in Sportarb

Topics in the video ADZbuzz latest updates which includes an amazing VIP offer (Read more about in Bloglivin blog) What is going on with ADZcoins price Enjoy ADZbuzz main page ADZbuzz news Join ADZbuzz Join ADZbuzz community Install ADZbuzz uBlock for free Download offline wallet. Some virus protections can show […]

ADZ news 19.03 (VIDEO)

Topics in the video Bloglivin – The Ultimate Guide to blogging ADZbuzz latest updates and development process Indirect donation – The core feature for ADZcoins success What is going on with ADZcoins price lately ADZbuzz main page ADZbuzz news Join ADZbuzz Join ADZbuzz community Install ADZbuzz uBlock for free Download […]

One week before ADZlink beta launch (VIDEO)

    Found another very interesting company. The company is dealing with arbitrage betting. Shortly, arbitrage betting is when two different bookmakers are giving different odds to the same event. By betting on opposite outcomes on two different bookmakers, investors are making small profit no matter of the outcome. It […]

My newest adventure

What an amazing research has been made by Bloglivin. The post blew my mind completely, people are earning 6 figures a month with blogging. How crazy is that 🙂 I have to change my view on blogging and start to implement the strategies and tools to make my blog also […]

Financial freedom with blogging