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Comparison between the giant Facebook and underdog ADZbuzz. Which is better? Which is better if you are a regular user and which is better for business? Watch the video and see who walks out from the ring as a winner 🙂

ADZbuzz vs Facebook

Video tutorial on how to add ADZlink and ADZbuzzer to the site. You can go straight to the part which interests you by clicking on the time How to add ADZlink using WordPress plugin   1:47 How to add ADZlink by adding script to the code    4:26 How to add […]

How to add ADZlink to your site

It was just 6 days ago when I achieved 2nd  level in Sportarb. Now because the Bitcoin price has went up quite a bit, I have already managed to enter the third (Basic) level 😀 2 Days ago I knew my 2nd investment of 0.1 BTC will expire today and I […]

3rd level in Sportarb :)

There is very interesting paradox attached to ADZcoin daily earnings. We all want ADZcoin price to increase yes? If ADZ value will increase, our investment value will increase. Plus the increasing value will attract more users and investors which again can increase the value. And that is exactly why we […]

Low value is a good value!

Received my 4th payment from Crypto Life which means I have been with it one month already, time really flies fast 🙂 Yet another very enjoyable journey. I like those opportunities where you invest and then you forget it. And the forgetting part is the best part 😉 At the […]

4 Weeks in Crypto Life

I joined Sportarb with 0.1 BTC 3rd of March and added another 0.1 BTC on 10th of March. My total investment was below $500 which means I had a “Beginner” level with 60% of earnings from company’s profit. As I used 100% compounding from second week, my account started to grow […]

New level in Sportarb, woohoo :)

Just a moment ago I received my daily earnings from ADZbuzz and…… WOW I was blown away. Look at my earnings.  I´m doing what I love: blogging and sharing my experience with people and if I´m getting paid like this… there is just no better opportunity out there. Yes the […]

Day 8, I have no words!

First week has passed since ADZbuzz daily revenue distribution started. It is time to look back to that week. TOPICS • Revenue distribution has started • Latest development process before mass promo • Daily earnings for ADZbuzz members • ADZbuzz indirect donation • ADZbuzz traffic • Price of ADZcoin ADZbuzz […]

ADZ News – First week with revenue distribution

First month with Sportarb is in the books and it is time to give another feedback. The journey with Sportarb has been more than just amazing. It has exceeded all my expectations. Everything has been very smooth and there haven’t been any problems so far. Sportarb growth has also been […]

First month in Sportarb