ADZ Tutorials – ADZbuzz earning pools explained 2

In this tutorial I will cover all the earning pools which you can see in your ADZbuzz Earning dashboard. What every pool means, how you can qualify to get earnings from that pool and also how you can increase your income with every specific pool. Enjoy 🙂

I have also categorized pool types for easier understanding. Which pool gives you passive income and which does not.


  • 100% Active –You have to be active to get earnings, no activity = no earnings
  • Semi Active – You need to be active to get earnings but you will not miss any earnings on days which you are not active.
  • Semi Passive – Little work needs to be done to get passive income
  • 100% Passive – Completely passive income where you don’t have to do anything to earn.

Pools detailed explanation

PS! The order is according to the percentage how much is separated from total earnings to a specific pool.

Publisher's Pool

40%; Semi Active

  • What is it? Earnings from your site/blog that has ADZlink connected to it.
  • How to qualify? Install ADZlink to your site/blog and if you don’t have any, you need to create one. NB! Your site must have a paid domain to be qualified.
  • How to increase you earnings? Create more interesting content and get more traffic to your site/blog. Easiest way is to share your content via ADZnouncer.
    In the future publisher’s pool earnings depend on the ADZbuzz community too. Do not know what the criteria to increase earnings from community is yet. Have to wait when ADZbuzz team will activate it.

Member's Pool 2

24%; Semi Passive

  • What is it? Login bonus from your referrals
  • How to qualify? At least one of your referrals needs to log in at least once in 24h time window (from 1pm GMT previous day to 1pm GMT current day)
  • How to increase your earnings? Have more referrals who login at least once in every 24h. (The total amount of referrals will not affect this pool, only those who are active)

VIP's Pool

10%; 100% Passive

  • What is it? Earnings which you get with your VIP status (Option to buy VIP spot(s) is not available anymore)
  • How to qualify? Have at least 1/10 of a VIP spot. Unfortunately you cannot buy VIP spot(s) anymore but you have still change to win some with referral contest. More info here.
  • How to increase your earnings? You have a chance to win some VIP spot(s) by referring people to ADZbuzz and let them purchase ADZcoins through ADZbuzz and store those coins in ad wallet.
    PS! As VIP spots are limited the earnings from this pool will increase over time tremendously.

Sponsor's Pool

10%; Semi Passive

  • What is it? Earnings from your referral’s activity and earnings. You are getting up to 50% commission every time your referral uses a paid ADZbuzz service or purchases ADZbuzz product.
    Plus you will earn up to 22% of your referrals earnings which he/she gets from his/her earning pools. According to my math, you are getting earnings from your referral’s earnings like this:
    • Member’s Pool 1 & 2 = about 22%
    • VIP’s Pool = about 18.5%
    • DFY Participant’s Pool = 12.5%
    • Community Owner’s pool = unknown yet 🙂 I appreciate If anyone can figure it out
  • How to qualify? Have at least one referral who gets earnings from at least one of the mentioned pools
  • How to increase your earnings? Help your direct referrals earn more. Even if ADZbuzz is not multi-level marketing system, you still increase your earnings whenever your direct referral earns more. It is like match up bonus

Member's Pool 1

6%; 100% Active

  • What is it? Your own daily login bonus
  • How to qualify? Login at least once in 24h time window (from 1pm GMT previous day to 1pm GMT current day)
  • How to increase your earnings? You cannot increase your Member’s Pool 1 earnings, everything is up to how high ADZbuzz’s daily revenue is

Publisher Referrer’s Pool

5%; Semi Passive (about 12.5% from referral's earnings)

  • What is it? Earnings from your referral who has a site/blog with ADZlink and who is getting earnings from Publisher’s Pool
  • How to qualify? Have a referral who has a blog or site that has ADZlink installed to it.
  • How to increase your earnings? There is nothing much you can do. Maybe share your referrals blog content via ADZbuzzer (FB like sharing option) and get more traffic to the blog this way

Community Owner's Pool

5%; Semi Active

  • What is it? Earnings from a community which you manage and which has activity in it.
  • How to qualify? You need be a manager (site owner signs you as a manager or you get a community from the list of ADZlinked sites) of an active community. I don’t know exactly but I believe active means: Community must have any kind of activity in last 24h (blog content shared via ADZnounzer or shared post commenting, liking and sharing in other social media)
  • How to increase the daily amount? As I´m not aware how those earnings are exactly calculated, I cannot help you with this one.

DFY Participant's Pool

This is completely separate pool which revenue is created by advertising affiliate products inside ADZbuzz

100% Passive

  • What is it? Passive earnings which you get when you store your coins in ADZbuzz ad wallet and enable DFY (Done For You System) More info here
  • How to qualify? Send your ADZ to ad wallet and activate DFY. Watch tutorial on how to do it.
  • How to increase the daily amount? Store more coins in DFY 🙂 Everything else is out of your reach.

I hope this tutorial gave you better understanding what each pool means, how to qualify and also how you can increase the earnings in each separate pool.

If you appreciate my work and would like to help me keep doing what I´m doing, your donation is most welcome 🙂

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Thank you! I appreciate your support a lot

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  • vijay kumar

    Nice update & thank you for sharing important information. because adzbuzz is newly launched program that y still traffic is less but as it wil be more popular & people will start more earning it will grow like

    • Armin Post author

      U R welcome 🙂
      And yeah, ADZbuzz will soon start to grow with exponential speed. And it will definitely pass Steemit in time as it has much more to offer.