ADZ Giveaway – 04.09.2017 – I cannot do everything for you

This post is a little different than my usual Giveaway posts 🙂

I cannot understand you, people 😉 You have a chance to receive free gifts and you are not willing to make one simple task to get them.

Every week I´m rewarding one of my active referrals (has logged in at least once during the last week) with free ADZ. To get the reward, the winner has to just contact me and request his/her winnings. It’s that simple.

One my friends made a nice point: “If money is laying on the ground, you have to pick it up yourself. No one is putting it into your pocket.” 🙂

In last week’s giveaway there were 3 winners but no one has contacted me yet. One winner even liked the video where I announced the winners.

Nature does not tolerate an empty space. If one does not take up the reward, someone else will take his/her place. So will happen with my ADZ Giveaway. All winnings will be moved to the next week and I will find another person who will be more than happy to accept the reward 🙂 Someone’s loss is always someone’s win, this is just the way things are 🙂

So all last week’s rewards were moved to this week’s giveaway. I chose two new persons and they won “double” amount 😀
Congrats to winners and I hope this time those ADZ will change their owner 🙂

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