ADZ News 24.10.2017 – ADZbuzz to the masses

ADZ News 24.10.2017 – ADZbuzz to the masses

Hi, Exciting times ahead. Many changes will be pushed live this week. See the progress sheet.

Don’t want to bother your head with too many things so here are the most important updates which I think you should know.

ADZbuzz Communities – ADZbuzz to the masses

The most exciting feature with fresh changes will be the new community system, which will bring masses into ADZbuzz. Members can create a community for any site out here (every site can have only one community though, so early birds get the worm 🙂 ) and start earning from community pool by sharing site’s content in the community and building its member base.

So when you are looking for extra income from ADZbuzz, get ready for the launch of new system and start creating communities for big sites. You can hold up to 10 communities. (If you are not a Gold Member, more about that later). Site owners (who have community created in ADZbuzz) have also a pool in ADZbuzz which starts to grow so it will be very easy to invite publishers to ADZbuzz later on as there is already money waiting for them 🙂 This means another income for you – Publisher referrer’s pool.

After you have built up your community and it brings in daily income, you can sell it for nice profit if you are a Gold Member. The process is exactly like selling a site. You create a site, build it up and sell with big profit.

New earning structure for Member 1 and Member 2 pool

From today (24th of Oct) the earning structure for Member 1 and Member 2 Pool has been changed. Only Gold Members are getting earnings from Member 1 Pool and they get it completely passively, no need to do anything. Member 2 Pool earnings are shared between those who have Gold Members as their referrals.
Regular members have still many ways to earn from which one is communities of course. They can also earn bonus credits by doing simple tasks in NeoBux and/or ClixSense. Those credits can be changed for ADZcoins and sold on the market or participate in “Game of Luck” (weekly lottery).

Here is the list of all the ways to earn as a regular member

  • DFY – convert you ADZcoins to Ad Credits and get daily passive income
  • Sponsor’s Pool – Refer people to ADZbuzz and you are getting commission from their earnings and from their purchases in ADZbuzz network. Plus if they purchase Gold Memberhip, you are also getting paid from Member 2 Pool
  • Community Owner’s Pool – Create a community for any site and start sharing its content in ADZbuzz
  • Publisher Referrer’s Pool – Invite publishers to ADZbuzz and you are getting a portion of their earnings as a commission. By first owning a community for a site, it is very easy to invite publishers to join ADZbuzz. They already have a growing community plus there are accumulated earnings waiting for them in ADZbuzz which they can claim by installing ADZlink.
  • Publisher’s Pool – Create a site and install ADZlink to it. You will start to receive passive income according to your site’s activity.
  • Complete simple tasks in Neobux and/or ClixSense (Need to join through ADZbuzz’s referral link) Those two platforms are temporary until ADZbuzz’s own Titan will be ready. Links to those sites and more info here

As you see there are enough ways to earn in ADZbuzz as a regular member. Although I highly recommend to purchase Gold Membership if you are even little bit serious about ADZbuzz. And here is why. If you are VIP, you still earn from that pool too. You are missing just your daily login bonus which was Member 1 Pool.

Gold Membership

Benefits for Gold Membership (Taken from Gold Membership purchase page):

  • Access To Private Forum
    On The ADZbuzz Forum We have a private forum where only gold members get access and where the latest company improvements are discussed. This allows you to get a front-row seat on this amazing ride called the ADZbuzz Project.
  • Ability To Add Signature In The ADZbuzz Forum
    As the forum is expanding and starts generating more and more traffic, we will allow gold members to add a signature to their posts. This can be used to promote any type of product, even affiliate links are allowed.
  • Free Referrals Sent To You From ADZbuzz Promotions
    The ADZbuzz Project promotes the platform in several places. All the referrals that sign up from ADZbuzz promotions or without any other referral (direct visitors) are divided amongst ADZbuzz gold members once a week.
  • Passive Qualification for the ADZbuzz profit share
    ADZbuzz members who refer others to the platform get a share in the daily profits the platform makes. Because you will get free referrals as an ADZbuzz Gold member once a week you’ll not only earn direct commissions but also a share in the daily profit without having to lift a finger!
  • Ability To Send Unlimited Emails To Your Referrals (Coming Soon)
    A feature that will allow you to motivate your referrals to become active on ADZbuzz is the ability to send emails to your referrals. Since ADZbuzz Gold members will have new referrals coming in once a week, they’ll be able to contact them as much as they want. This will turn into your very own autoresponder inside ADZbuzz in due time.
  • Option to own up to 50 ADZbuzz Communities
    People who want to put in some effort to grow their ADZbuzz earnings can create communities of popular sites and help publishers earn money, while at the same time earning as a community owner. Regular members can earn 10 communities and Gold Members can own up to 50 ADZbuzz Communities!
  • Access To The Newest Released Features Of The ADZbuzz Project
    Want to take the new features on ADZbuzz for a test-drive? As a gold member you’ll get access to the latest feature releases first and be on top of all the new releases that are created to expand our amazing project.
  • More to come!
    We will constantly look out to expand the list of features that come with an ADZbuzz Gold membership. All of the new features will be included without extra charge for current ADZbuzz Gold Members.
  • Option to sell communities
    This is not yet added to the list of benefits in Gold Membership purchase page but which is one of the best options exclusive to Gold Members. With one community sell you can easily pay for your yearly subscription 🙂

That’s why I believe Gold Membership is a must to any serious ADZbuzzer. You will get your “investment” back multiple times if you put some work into it. For example build a community up and then sell it for $100 and you will have your yearly subscription covered. All the rest which you will earn because of Gold Membership is already pure profit 🙂

Get Gold Membership from here

NB! You directly help ADZbuzz (and indirectly yourself) with your purchase! 90% of earnings from this membership is used to purchase ADZcoins from the market (higher demand = higher ADZcoin price 🙂 ) from which 50% will be shared between members, publishers, affiliates etc. Other 50% will be exchanged for ad credits which will decrease the supply of ADZcoins a lot.
10% from the revenue will used for development and other employee payments!

NOTE! Expect your earnings from DFY and VIP go up from November because then the buyback will start and the profit will be shared with all parties. The buzz is in the air 🙂

We are on the verge of something very big. Be part of it or see others succeed. As always – The choice is yours 🙂


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