20 000 ADZ! Another milestone in ADZbuzz journey 1

It was very long time ago when I last shared my own progress with ADZbuzz. But now I have good reason to give you an update  because I just reached another milestone in ADZbuzz. With yesterday’s earnings distribution my total earnings in ADZbuzz exceeded 20 000 ADZ 🙂

It took 8 months to achieve it. First 10K I got with less than 2 months. This was because at the early days there were less members in ADZbuzz so there was more profit for each member. As ADZbuzz buyback program hasn’t started yet, company’s profit hasn’t changed much. That is why there are less earnings for each member. But 20 000 ADZ with 8 months is not bad. Not bad at all 😉

The new community system has increased my earnings from 30…40 adz a day to 50…70 adz a day (so almost double 🙂 ). I cannot wait when our own exchange will be ready and buyback will start. I believe those earnings can double or even triple in no time 🙂 Exciting times ahead.

Thank you all who have a roll to play in this achievement. I wouldn’t have been able to accomplish it without you. 

I would have wanted to make a longer post with more details but as I have so many things which needs to be done I will cut the story short.

See the charts to have a better overview of the earnings.

NB” Those charts are interactive. Move your mouse over them and you will see what I mean 😉

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