Full Refund From Crypto Life – There Are Still Good People In The World :) 1

Because bitcoin killed most of the altcoins a while ago, Crypto Life owner Ahmed Furqan decided to close the Crypto Life trading service and give a refund to all members. We don’t see this kind of behavior very often and which makes this act even more respectful was that Ahmed traded for almost half a year to get back the money that he lost tof extreme market conditions (in worst times the total pool was down almost 50%).

Ahmed has been a man of his word and after he gained back the loss he started to refund all members. Even those who were already in profit. In today’s world which is full of greed, lies and betrayals this kind of act is very rear. And if we look at the amount of total refund, which is around $500 000 makes this act of honesty even more rear.

Yesterday was my turn to get a full refund. According to my own notes, my total investment was around $140. Despite the fact that I was in profit by little over $20, I still got a full refund from Ahmed 🙂

This shows that there are still good people in the world who haven’t fallen to the dark side of life and who would do anything possible to become rich, even if it means to steal from other people’s pocket. There are so many people who call Ahmed a liar a thief and a scammer. He needs more respect. Who would spend almost half a year to trade just to get enough money to give full refund when he could just refunded what he had and only to those who were not in profit. He chose the harder road. Trade his ass off to give a full refund to all Crypto Life members including those who were in profit. I think he really deserves the respect and gratitude. There aren’t many who would have chosen that road.

Thank You Ahmed for full refund and showing that there are still good people who really want to make the world a better place.

PS He still offers a trading course where he teaches everything he knows about crypto trading. He got lot of experience trading during those extreme marketing conditions and is willing to share all his knowledge with those who purchase his course. Just contact him and ask more info.

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