Magic number has been exceeded :)

Today on my regular visit to ADZbuzz I went on my earning’s page to convert my freshest earnings into Ad Credits (for more passive income) and what I saw 😉 Finally the magic number has been reached. My total earnings in ADZbuzz have exceed $1000 mark. It has been my long time goal already and I have been quite close to achieve it for couple of times (ADZcoin price increase) but the price has always went down before my earnings have shown 4 digits. Now the day is finally here. And mark my words THIS IS JUST THE BEGINNING 😀 Once ADZbuzz own exchange will be ready (will happen in coming days) and crypto lovers start to join it …… (I’m buzzing all over my body even thinking about it 🙂 ) all the crypto world will know what ADZbuzz is and the price ….. the price of ADZcoin will shoot up over dollar mark very, very fast and at the end of the year we will see the price of ADZcoin in 2 digits definitely. And if things are going according to plan we will see the price in 3 digits before 2018 ends 😀 You may ask, why people should join ADZbuzz currency exchange. Just wait when the official news are out and you will see what ADZbuzz team has in their sleeves. The system which will be presented to crypto traders will make those traders want to join ADZbuzz exchange for sure. And there is another twist added to that which makes sure that ADZbuzz community business will start to flourish like a flower garden in spring. But I cannot share more info at the moment as it is not official yet. Just watch this space and your mind will be blown 🙂 2018 is a year of ADZbuzz 😀 Still haven’t joined ADZbuzz? Just hit me up and I will help you get started.

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