ADZcoin Burn – 03.02-20.02.2018

ADZcoin burn for the period of 3.02-20.02.2018

ADZcoins burned by advertisers – 125 201 ADZ
(Coins which are exchanged for ADZbuzz Ad Credits to advertise in ADZbuzz network)

ADZcoins bought from the market by ADZbuzz (Buy Back) – 36 462 ADZ
(Coins which are bought from the market by ADZbuzz using the profit ADZbuzz has made)

ADZcoins burned by ADZbuzz –  18 231 ADZ
(50% from ADZbuzz’s coin purchase will be burnt to increase the scarcity and the value of ADZcoin)

Total ADZcoins burned during the period – 143 432 ADZ

Total ADZcoins burned so far – 14 864 673 ADZ

Total value of Ad Space bought – $1 162 201 (Total value depends on the price of ADZcoin)

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