Topped up my investment in SkyWay Capital

SkyWay capital gave old investors a chance to invest with the same discount and conditions as an old investment. I couldn’t resist investing into another package with great conditions. As I was planning to top up my invesment in SkyWay anyway this year, it was a very welcome offer from the company. The timing couldn’t be any better also. The last monthly payment for my previous package will be next month. I need to pay more than before only for one month and after that, my monthly payment will be the same as it has been with my old package which is $25 a month. So nothing is changing actually, I’m just extending the time period of my installments 🙂

New Development Stage

SkyWay Capital will enter into next development stage (11th stage) on 11th of April. Good side for this news is that there will be only 4 stages left after that. Negative side, it also means the discount for investment packages will decrease. If you are planning to invest in SkyWay Capital, make sure you do it before 11th of April.

Check all the development stages here.

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