My Road

“The only impossible journey is the one you never begin.” ― Anthony Robbins

Here you can see my road to financial freedom :)

All roads are full of ups and downs and no road is just straight line. Every journey has obstacles and challenges on the way and there are lots of distractions which makes us lose our sight from our ultimate goal.
Same is with the journey to financial freedom. Every day we are challenged, every day we are distracted and so many times there is a feeling “I will quit, I cannot do it”. But despite those setbacks and failures, we cannot give up. We have to get back to our feet every time we have been stricken down. This what makes the difference between losers and winners. We have to face all the challenges. We have to be brave, we have to be strong, we have to be smart and we have to keep our focus on the price. Only this way we will finally break through. We will only fail when we quit :)

Everything is looking good with those 2 programs so far 🙂 Sportarb Yesterday I withdrew another amount (0.0933 BTC) from Sportarb. Few more payments and I have got all my seed back from Sportarb. Woohoo 🙂 Current situation in Sportarb. Total investment: $235.09 Withdrawn: $167.84 Net Balance: -$67.25 Active investment:  $1091 […]

Little update on my journey in Sportarb and Crypto Life