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“To get rich, you have to be making money while you’re asleep”
David Bailey

Here you can find valuable information which helps you on your road of becoming financially independent.

There is very interesting paradox attached to ADZcoin daily earnings. We all want ADZcoin price to increase yes? If ADZ value will increase, our investment value will increase. Plus the increasing value will attract more users and investors which again can increase the value. And that is exactly why we […]

Low value is a good value!

What an amazing research has been made by Bloglivin. The post blew my mind completely, people are earning 6 figures a month with blogging. How crazy is that 🙂 I have to change my view on blogging and start to implement the strategies and tools to make my blog also […]

Financial freedom with blogging

People so often complain: “Why they changed this or why they changed that, I just got used to new rules and now again I have to adapt” Especially with ADZbuzz changes lately, people are complaining: “Why so many changes just stick to something and let it be.” If the environment […]

Most adaptable will succeed!

Written 22.Sep.2016 Why is it so hard to get things done? Why we have to push ourselves to leave the comfort zone? Because it is in our nature to do as less as possible to survive. I had this interesting thought or ahhaa moment today when I saw raindrops flowing […]

Why you are so lazy :)

Written on 17.Sep.2016 Good day beautiful world 🙂 Come out from your head and start seeing the reality as it actually is and not they way your mind wants it to be. Here is one good example what I mean by that. Yesterday one company had some issues with their server. […]

Detach from your dreams

Written 13.Sep,2016 “Without challenge there is no change, without change there is no improvement.” If you want to change (improve) your life, you have to change yourself. If you want to change yourself you have to challenge yourself. There will not be any change if you are not willing to […]

Challenge yourself every day

Written 11.Aug.2016 We all have our fears and it is good to have them. Fear can strive us, fear can motivate us, fear is that keeps us alive. But at the same time, Fear can freeze us, fear can destroy us, fear can make our life a living hell. If […]

Embrace your fears