Cloud Token

My newest adventure – Cloud token. (Soon Cloud 2.0)

A project that has huge potential and which has all the tools to become something really big and make many millionaires on the way from those who are brave enough to take action. 

Current main product –  Cloud Token Wallet.

Decentralized mobile wallet where you possess private keys of your wallets.

Key features of Cloud Token and its wallet

  • Fully working ecosystem with multiple projects.

  • Earn about 6% – 12% a month on the crypto that you hold in Cloud Token Wallet app

  • Earn Cloud Token (CTO) rewards on a daily basis about 0.2% – 0.3% a day from the crypto you deposit into Jarvis AI Project

  • Liquidity: Withdraw your capital and the profits accrued whenever you want 24/7

  • Convert CTO to ETH anytime, or top up your debit card, or spend CTO rewards to buy discounted flights, hotels, car rentals, etc

  • NO membership fees to pay, no contracts

  • NO monthly fees

  • NO software you need to buy and no trading experience needed

  • CTO Value has the potential to go up by 10 – 20+ times in the next 12 – 24 months

  • Credibility: Cloud Token App is listed on Google Play Store And App Store!

  • Very lucrative rewards program 21+ levels deep

  • Real people, real team, real trading

  • Lawyers who make sure that the project follows all necessary legal rules

  • Full transparency – Video streams of live trading (At the bottom of this page, you can find links to those videos)

If you own Cryptocurrency and you just HODL it. Why not use it to make more money at the same time. 🙂

My own overview and tutorial videos about Cloud Token are coming soon!

Meanwhile, you can download the mobile wallet app 

And watch the following videos.

NB! After you have installed the app, the app will ask a registration code. Use the following code and I will double your earnings for the first 10 days*


*Bonus is valid only if you hold at least 500 USD in the wallet because this is the minimum requirement to open matchup bonus from the downline.

Apple users: you may need to edit your settings to allow the app to download. Settings> General -> Device Management -> Click on the YFC Technologies -> Click Trust

Cloud 2.0 Overview

Cloud Token – Technology Involved – Part 1

Cloud Token – Technology Involved – Part 2

Trading Proof

Jarvis Trading bot in action. 
Below you can see multiple videos about Jarvis and how it is trading on Binance

Explanation of Jarvis 

It is one of the first videos about Jarvis and it was made before Cloud Token team had a VIP account on Binance

Live trading on Binance on 30th of June 2019

Live trading stream on stage

Transparency In Its Purest

The following videos are long but I highly recommend watching them if you still hesitate to join the project.

This is what I would call Transparency

Everything can be tracked on the blockchain

Exclusive Interview with Cloud Token CEO Ronald Aai.

Cloud 2.0 Features And Products

Exclusive interview with Ronald Aai where he explains the future of Cloud 2.0 and what products it will have

Compensation Plan

If you introduce Cloud Token to others, you will benefit from multiple rewards

Download the wallet app and start building your future.

Registration code to use after installing the app


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