My Portfolio

“If dogs don’t like your dog food, the packaging doesn’t matter” – Stephen Denny


ADZbuzz –  New revolutionary content discovery platform that will change the social media world. A platform which rewards its users and helps web publishers to gain back the lost revenue due to ad blockers.

ADZbuzz has it’s own crypto currency called ADZcoin. ADZcoin is a crypto currency that has a real asset tied to it – ad space in ADZbuzz network.

It is a crypto currency that has a constantly increasing demand and at the same time it’s supply is decreasing  with every single day.

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Powerhouse Network – Company for passive income seekers. Company has it’s own mining farm where people can purchase different mining packages.

Company is also dealing with crypto trading and offers trading packages for those who don’t have the knowledge or time to trade themselves.

Powerhouse Network has it’s own crypto currency too called Polaris. Every Polaris coin represents share of Powerhouse’s mining farm and all Polaris holders receive passive income from the company.

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SkyWay Capital – The future of transportation. SkyWay’s technology is safe, efficient, affordable, comfortable and environment friendly.

The estimated value of SkyWay’s technology is 400 billion dollars according to independent experts.
Company has over 350 000 investors and partners from over 80 different country and the total value of preliminary contracts is already 164 billion US dollars.

SkyWay is a very valuable asset in every serious investor’s portfolio.

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