Polaris Universal LTD with it’s Eureka blockchain is another tool in my Financial Freedom’s toolbox in addition to ADZbuzz and Skyway. I started my journey with the Powerhouse Network (which was the name of the project then) back in July 2017 but a lot has changed since then. 

The Company

  • Company has many different projects attached to it and the main focus is crypto currency. Don’t know what crypto or mining is?  Read more about Crypto Currency. We can 
  • Owner – Darren Bradbury who is also an online friend of mine from the beginning of 2016. Co owners – Eldon Conceição & Nabil Amrani. Darren has been very helpful and very transparent as long as I have known him. All the team is working hard and Darren is doing live videos and hangouts almost every week to keep all members updated with the latest news. Darren is the mastermind, Eldon is the guy who brings those ideas into reality and Nabil is a guy with trading knowledge.
  • Because of too many negative experiences with third party mining companies Powerhouse has stopped using them and is now building it’s own mining farm in Croatia.
  • Three main assets of Powerhouse Network
    • Trading Tree
    • Crypto Mining
    • Polaris ICO – Powerhouse’s own coin

Trading Tree;

  • Trading tree is based on 2×3 matrix and consists of 3 levels. The cost for one spot is $25 from which $20 goes to trading and $5 goes to the matrix.
  • Daily return from trading varies between 0,5% and 1%.
  • Trading package expires after 2 years.
*You can read more about the Trading Tree here


As the company stopped using third party mining companies and is not offering mining contracts at the moment, we need to wait once the new mining farm is up and running to have more info about the contracts.

Polaris ICO:

Every Polaris token owner will get a percentage from the Powerhouse mining farm profit which makes this coin very good passive income opportunity. Plus as there will be only 23 Million coins it is a good long term investment opportunity too You can get all the information from Polaris ICO homepage.
NB! Scroll down the page to stop the song which starts to play as soon as you enter the page.

Here is an interview I made a while ago. So much has changed since then but still good way to get to know the owner Darren Bradbury